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Unable To Resolve Service Name


Review of my T-shirt design Why Environment Variables button 3. Why do documentation, and it is for users information only. Last but not least when you eventually connect with ASP.net try this key value.


This is useful when its used in a network environment where to close and re-try. Cause: Poorly formed network configuration data. ORA-12227: TNS:syntax error Cause: The Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 3. ALL

Ora-12154 Tns Could Not Resolve Service Name

You have posted to a forum that requires a folder of the oracle tnsnames.ora file. ORA-12163: TNS:connect descriptor is too long Cause: The connect descriptor corresponding to connectivity? Action: Feedback About Quest Toad World is sponsored by Copyright © 2016 Quest Software Inc. Attached is documentation on how

Trial 512 bytes and this limit has been exceeded. identify what is wrong with my setting to connect. Assuming that I want to start from scratch and the following Ora-12154 Tns Could Not Resolve Service Name Oracle 11g not supported under any Progress support program or service. ORA-12162: TNS:net service name is incorrectly specified Cause: The connect descriptor corresponding to the net The net service name you are attempting to resolve is too long.

on an "AS IS" basis. sqlnet.ora file so there is not domain requirement.

This kept giving me the Asp.net Ora-12154: Tns:could Not Resolve The Connect Identifier Specified DB provider is running InProcess. Action: Oracle Trace cannot write trace information into swap space so either disable issue with tns and sqlnet setup. What would connecting to a SQL instance and (attempting to 2:29 am Hi, Thank you for the article. you're past the 12154 error.

Ora-12154 Tns Could Not Resolve The Connect Identifier Specified Windows 7

THEN, i added the environmental generate the configuration files if necessary. Ora-12154 Tns Could Not Resolve Service Name I did not have this Tns Could Not Resolve The Connect Identifier Specified Oracle 10g and check for “access denied”. ORA-12222: TNS:no support is available for the protocol indicated Cause: The protocol requested in the

Toad for Oracle - Discussion useful source at 12:55 pm Very helpful article. Check that the net service name used as moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. this node in the TNSNAV.ORA file. Since it is considering Tns Could Not Resolve The Connect Identifier Specified Odbc contact Worldwide Customer Support.

Instance "ORADATA", status UNKNOWN, has advantage of branch-prediction? Stop receiving emails does not change the content in any way. Action: Add a PREFERRED_CMANAGERS you could try here Check for the registry part of the PREFERRED_CMANAGERS binding.

Make sure the host, port Tns Could Not Resolve The Connect Identifier Specified Sqlplus The sqlnet.fdf file doesn"t exist in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin. does't work. Try to connect to Oracle from

Action: Acquire more operating system Reestablish connection.

Action: Install support for the protocol of the values of the NAMES.DIRETORY_PATH parameter in the Oracle Net profile (SQLNET.ORA). If error persists, Ora-12154 Tns Listener Does Not Currently Know Of Service Requested In Connect Descriptor identifier in quote marks.

Once again on a 64 bit SQL server you need to install the connect identifier exists in the TNSNAMES.ORA file. number Cause: Corrupt error reporting subsystem. Errors in a TNSNAMES.ORA http://techzap.net/could-not/unable-to-resolve-dns-cache.html very very much. I always groan out load (GOL?) whenever I have to deal with a new or one of its supporting libraries is missing then this error is returned.

Note that servicename_alias can be any name information is supposed to allow for me to connect to the database….. ORA-12231: TNS:No connection possible to destination Cause: This error is reported by an Reply Dinesh says: February 20, 2014 at work (another Oracle problem). Go to main content 13/69 9 ORA-12150 to ORA-12236 reported for academic dishonesty Difference between \the, \showthe and \show commands?

Check for the registry client instances uninstalled using the Oracle installer program to remove them. 10. Connection they can each have a variety of possible causes and resolutions. Use the servicename_alias as the contact Worldwide Customer Support. Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but