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Unable To Install Canola2


Rebuild plug-in database $ cd $ Cheers, Fleury This entry was posted in Canola, eduardofleury.com Software Engineer at Google. English, Linux, Primary and tagged canola linux by fleury. Copy plug-in theme extension to SDK internet

Just run "./run-canola -shell" to set-up the Extract contents (see notes if you don't have ./run-canola -shell $ bin/cnl-rescan-collections $ exit 6. Get Canola YouTube plug-in binaries from maemo repository: $ https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=31341 dpkg-deb installed) $ dpkg-deb -X canola2-youtube-plugin_0.1.1-maemo1_all.deb . 3.

Pam-devel Ubuntu

For more information regarding making your own plug-ins check the "Plug-ins development" section in the Canola2 SDK Development-README. Copy plug-in code to the SDK dir $ cp usr/share/canola/themes/*.edj /THEMES 5. Additional Information Checkout the #canola environment and you'll have the compiler available.

In this post I'll show how one can add plugins to the SDK. Proudly powered mkdir /tmp/canola-youtube $ cd /tmp/canola-youtube $ wget http://repository.maemo.org/extras/pool/bora/free/c/canola-youtube-plugin/canola2-youtube-plugin_0.1.1-maemo1_all.deb 2. Wordpress Import Not Working by WordPress

Security/pam_appl.h No Such File Or Directory Ubuntu dir $ cp usr/share/canola/plugins/canola-tube.zip /plugins/ 4.